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Best Practices LibGuide: Tips

Use this guide to learn best practices and new ideas for your LibGuides.


This page contains helpful tips for making your LibGuides useful and clear to students.

Keep it User-Centered

                              LibGuides are for users, so keep them focused on the user. Arrange content logically and in a way that will appeal to students.

Instead of

using text and pictures that are hard to understand


arranging content in an order that makes sense to students, and using images that are relevant to them

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Fix Broken Links

                              Check for broken links on a regular (suggestion:  monthly) basis.

Login to LibGuides via LibApps and click on:

Tools --> Link Checker

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Use an Active Voice

                              Focus on using an active voice rather than a passive voice.

Instead of saying

Study spaces are provided at the library


The library provides study spaces

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Create a Table of Contents

                               Consider creating a table-of-contents to give users an idea of everything within the guide and how to proceed.

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Limit the Number of Tabs

                              Too many tabs overwhelm students and they may end up choosing a tab you may not intend them to be on.

Try to use fewer than 7 tabs, if possible.

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Use a Personal Tone

                              Use a personal tone of voice and avoid jargon, especially when working with undergraduate students.

Instead of saying

Databases are authoritative sources of reliable and scholarly information

Try saying

You can find helpful information like articles in databases

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Use Pronouns

                              Use pronouns.

Instead of saying

Users may access printers on the first floor


You can use the printers on the first floor

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