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Upward Bound Math and Science Program: The History of Alabama State University: FAQs

This research guide was created for students in the Upward Bound Math and Science Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Name Changes of ASU

What was ASU called before it became Alabama State University?

Throughout its history, ASU has undergone eight name changes:

  1. Lincoln Normal School – 1867
  2. State Normal School and University for Colored Students – 1874
  3. Alabama Colored People’s University – 1887
  4. Normal School for Colored Students – 1889
  5. State Teachers College – 1928
  6. Alabama State College for Negroes – 1946
  7. Alabama State College (ASC) – 1954
  8. Alabama State University – 1969

Finding History Books

How can I find history books at the LWLC?

History books are located within the following letter ranges:

D: History: General and Old World (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania)
E: History: America and U.S. in general
F: History: U.S. Local History, Caribbean, and Latin America
G-GN: Geography, Anthropology
HM-HX: Social Sciences (Sociology, Social History, Ideologies)
This is true regardless of location so books in Special Collections (1st floor), Reference (3rd floor) and Main Stacks (4th-5th floors) with these starting letters on the spine will relate to political science. 
Use of WorldCat or HORNETCat will guide to books held by the Levi Watkins Learning Center. WorldCat will also guide you to books held by other libraries.
How to be evaluate books: Book reviews can help you decide whether a book is authoritative or not. They can also provide book summaries.

Open Access Books

What are open access books?

Open access books are freely available on any device with internet access. The Directory of Open Access Books is a great resource and can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Library Hours? Is the library open during student breaks? 

What do I need to check out a library item?

How many books may I check out, and how long may I keep them?

What are daily overdue fines?

Non-payment of overdue items will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges and in the case of students, holds will be placed on their accounts that prevent registration and transcript requests.

Can anyone check out reference books, newspapers or magazines?

Are cell phones allowed in the Library?

Are students allowed to have food and drink in the Library?

How can I get an item the library does not have? 

I need a projector (or other AV equipment) for a presentation. Can I reserve one through the library? 

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