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Information Literacy @ ASU: QEP IL Rubric

About Rubrics

Rubrics are developed to assist faculty in rating qualities of learning outcomes.

When provided to students before and during learning, rubrics assist students to more successfully interpret and anticipate expected levels of performance.

Rubric Examples

Click the PDF icon below for a printable version of rubric examples.

Research Strategies and Information Literacy Competency Rubric

Information Literacy evaluation criteria mapped to QEP Information Literacy Learing Outcomes (based on ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries standards) establishes:

• a common framework and language for assessment

• a guide where complex behaviors and learning can be examined efficiently

• criteria and standards upon which several instructors can assess achievement across courses or curricula

• a criterion-referenced model, rather than norm-referenced, where student work is mapped to criteria, not other students’ achievements

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