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PED 350: Physiology of Exercise: Start Here

This guide will assist students in PED 350 with their research needs and assignments.

How To Write A Research Paper

Step 1: Choose a topic.

Step 2: Locate information on your topic in books, articles, and other sources.

Step 3: Write your paper in APA style.

Step 4: Cite your sources in APA style.

Step 1: Topics To Consider

Procedures for Coaching Injured Athletes

Resistance Training and Injury Prevention

Ankle Sprains and the Athlete

Exercise Induced Leg Pain

Exercise and Shoulder Pain

Stress Fractures

Physical Literacy

Physical Education Laws

Designing Curriculum To Improve Motor Performance

Why Kids Are Dropping Out of Sports

Behavior Management in Physical Education

Setting Goals for Achievement in Physical Education Settings

Effective Physical Education Teaching

Physical Activity Successes in the United States

Strategies for Recess in Schools

Transgender Resources for Physical Educators

Providing Community-Based PE Services for Students with Disabilities

Physical Education Strategies for Teenage Girls

Providing Motivation to Students in Physical Education?

Step 2: Search Strategies

  • Choose the Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Journal checkbox in each database before you press search.
  • Limit your search to full text only if you’re interested in finding articles that are immediately available.
  • The use of Boolean Operators is an effective search strategy. Using the words AND or NOT will limit your search results, providing you with fewer hits. Using the word OR will expand your search and provide a greater number of results.

    To see how this works, visit The Boolean Machine.

  • Truncation can expand your search results to include information or concepts that you may otherwise overlook. By using a "wildcard" in your search, you may find several variations of the same word or concept.

    For an overview of truncation, visit Owens Library's Truncation page.

Step 3: Writing Assistance

View this page in a format suitable for printers and screen-readers or mobile devices. 915 South Jackson Street • Montgomery, Alabama 36101 • (334) 604-9093