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Resources for Faculty: Course Reserves

Reserve Book Procedures

In order to ensure the availability of materials for a class, instructors place materials on reserve in the Library. The instructor comes to the Circulation desk and requests a reserve form and provides essential information about his/her materials. The Circulation staff then processes the information into Voyager, the Library Management System (L.S.) to create a record of this material so that it can be charged out to patrons.

Before a faculty member can place an item on reserve, a REQUEST FOR RESERVE MATERIALS form must be filled out by the faculty member. These forms can be obtained from the Information Desk. Material is placed on reserve alphabetically by course type and number (i.e. ENG 132, MGT 400).

NOTE: The Library does not provide notebooks for professors' copied materials. They must provide their own. The barcode and sensor will be placed in the notebook and personal copies only at the request of the faculty member.

For more information visit the LWLC and click the link at the top of this box. 

Click here to place a book on reserve. 




Click here to place materials on electronic reserve.

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