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Information Literacy @ ASU: Classroom Options

About Classrooms


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Instruction is the main activity in the classroom where you present new material, assess performance, and provide feedback, among other teaching practices whether direct, indirect, or explicit.

You can incorporate a facet of information literacy in a classroom session without losing focus from your core subject matter.

Exercises Aligned with Standards and Mapped to Learning Outcomes

Classroom Lecture Format

These are suggestions for exercises mapped to Information Fluency competencies in the context of classroom instruction.

Require students to:

  • Create a concept map of the main lecture concepts, ideas, or information
  • Write a one-minute or 300-word evaluation of what they learned from the class or lecture and present to peers or hand-in to instructor for review 
  • Research and critically evaluate outside resources on the lecture topic in the subject area.

Learning Outcome Introduced and/or Reinforced

Learning Outcome 1:  Students will be able to identify and articulate their information needs in the process of defining a problem, question or project for research.

  • Defines original, concise & focused research topic appropriate to assignment
  • Identifies all types & formats of available sources

Learning Outcome 2:  Students will be able to use library and information technology tools and resources to carry out research.

  • constructs and implements effective search strategies
  • Uses a wide variety of discipline appropriate methods to retrieve information
  • selects the most appropriate methods or tools for finding information

Learning Outcome 3:  Students will be able to design and execute a research project using a systematic process to collect, analyze and present information in written formats, properly incorporating citing and documenting sources.

  • Creates a high quality, original product to effectively accomplish the planned objective
  • Successfully integrates compiled information, demonstrating proper use of citation and documentation
  • Systematically evaluates & presents quality information in written formats

Library Services

The Library offers these additional services and resources to help you and your students:

  • Liaison Librarians
  • Library Course Guides
  • Databases
  • WorldCat Local library catalog 
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