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Tech tutorials in LWLC: Dropbox

In this guide please find tech tutorials on useful tools for your study, teaching and research.


This tutorial is introducing Dropbox to you as a file storage, transporting and sharing platform.  

Dropbox will be useful to you if you:

1.       Need to work on the same file from different computers;

2.       Need to collaborate with your team members;

3.       Need to have access to your files when you are on the move;

4.       Need to maintain different versions of a file.

Dropbox is available for varieties of operational systems:








Dropbox can work with kinds of file formats:

Text files (PDF, MS word, MS Excel, etc)



Installation (On Windows 7 system)

To start using Dropbox, you will need to first sign-up on where you can also download your desktop client. 

After signing up online, you can go ahead download Dropbox and install it on your conputer so that you can access your folders locally. After downloadig, follow the installation wizard to install it on your computer.

After installation finished, there will be a dialog box popped up and ask you if you have already have a Dropbox account (if you signed up earlier, yes, you do!), go ahead put in your email address and password and go ahead hit the "Next" button.

Till now, you should already have Dropbox properly installed and also have your local clieant synchronized with your online account. You should notice a box popped up at the right bottom coner of your computer screen notifying you that. 

Congratulation! You are one of the Dropbox users now!

Basic usage on Windows 7

You can consider Dropbox as one of your folders and use it in the usual way of using a local folder.

1. To create a new folder or a new file, just open your Dropbox foler on your desktop (or click on the blue box icon at the right bottom corner at your computer screen) and then right click to create your folder/file:

2. To add a file int a folder, just drag and drop the file from local foler to the targeted Dropbox folder. 

3. To share a file or a folder with your colleagues, move the cursor to the folder/file you want to share, right click on it. In the drop down list, select "Dropbox" and then select "Share link", click on it. 

You will be popped to a dialogue box where you can either put in the email address of the person who you want to share the link with and then hit the "Send" button at the bottom or you can just click on the "Get link" button and have a link copied to your clipboard and insert it to anywhere you wish to.

Tech Tutorial Guide

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