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Tech tutorials in LWLC: Google Scholar

In this guide please find tech tutorials on useful tools for your study, teaching and research.

Google Scholar Search Functions

1. Introduction

Google Scholar is an online, freely accessible search engine that allows users look for both physical and digital copies of articles.  It searches a wide variety of sources, including academic publishers, universities, online repositories and professional societies, looking for:


  • Articles
  • Theses
  • Books
  • Technical reports
  • Abstracts
  • Reprints
  • Citations
  • Websites
  • Court opinions

While Google Scholar does search for print and online scholarly information, it is important to understand that the resource is not an academic database.

2. How can google scholar help you with your research? Google scholar


  • Search all scholarly literature from one convenient place
  • Explore related works, citations, authors, and publications
  • Locate the complete document through your library or on the web
  • Keep up with recent developments in any area of research
  • Check who's citing your publications, create a public author profile

3. Search functions

            Google Scholar provides users with two search options: basic search and advanced search.

Basic search is a powerful starting point to gear up your research. Same as typical Google search, you can use natural language to begin your search and start to brain storm keywords of a topic, locate reputable journals and find out a reputable author.

Search interface:

Advanced search: Note the small black arrow at the very right corner of the search box. Click on it and you should be prompt to the advanced search interface:

The advanced search interface allows users to set search limits in order to get the best results.

Understand the search results

4. Retrieve the complete free available resources

5. Retrieve available resources through library links

a. Set up your library links 

Go to and find "Settings" button at the upper right corner. 

On "Library settings" page, find and click on  " Library links' button in the left column. 

Then you will be prompt to a search box where you can just put in " Alabama State University" and go ahead search. When you see " Alabama State University - Fulltext@ASU Library" option is available, go ahead check the box to left of the option. At last, do not forget to save the setting.


Google Scholar Citations allow scholars to create public profiles including publications. Scholars can track the citations to their works and compute citation metrics. Learn how to set up your profile and start keeping track of your citations.

1. Go to Google Scholar homepage at  On the right upper conner, find "My Citations" button:

2. Then you will be popped up to "step 1: Profile page", here on this page you can start to put in your basic information:

Then hit "Next step" button.

3. On the "Step 2: Articles" page, search your name, find out your articles and add them to your prifile.

Note: If you do not have any articles published yet, you can skip this step and later on you will have an "Action" option on your profile page to add your articles. 

4. Then you are on "Step 3: Updates" page and make sure to read the updates options and pick the one that you prefer and the hit the "View My Profile" button at the bottom of the page. You should be able to see a list of your works. 


After this step, you are all set with setting up your profile. So go ahead click on the "Go to my profile" button and take a look at your profile.

5. Edit your profile

You can add a photo of yourself. 

Also you are able to update and manage your articles by using "Action" function.

6. When you are ready to go public, there is a button "Make my profile public" link in the yellowish shade at the top of the page. Go ahead and click on it and you are all set.


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