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Tech tutorials in LWLC: Mendeley

In this guide please find tech tutorials on useful tools for your study, teaching and research.


This tutorial is focusing on the very basic level of using Mendeley as a free available citation management tool.  You can easily import PDF files into Mendeley and have Mendeley generate the citation in the styles you want. What’s even better, Mendeley can create bibliographies easily in a word document for you. Mendeley has both desktop client and web client and you can simply synchronize the two to have your documents on-the-go.

Mendeley has many other features such as facilitate collaborations, discovering papers in a particular field and etc. You are encouraged to explore more about it. For more information, please see

Mendeley desktop download and installation

Mendeley desktop is very easy to download and install on Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

1. Download Mendeley desktop for Windows 

Go to this link for installation file for Windows:

Follow the installing wizard: 

2. Download and install Mendeley desktop for Mac

Follow this link for the installation file:

3. Download and install Mendeley desktop for Linux

Follow this link for the installation file:

Install instructions: 

1. Open the downloaded archive
2. Extract the contents to any folder
3. Run the application

Within the extracted folder, open a terminal and run the following command:


Once you are finished with installing, you should be able to see a Mendeley icon on your desktop. Double click the icon and you will be prompt to Mendeley desktop and you are all set to import your PDF files into Mendeley and start to manage them.

Import Documents into your Mendeley Library

Organize your Mendeley Library

Generate citations with MS word / OpenOffice

Tech Tutorial Guide

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