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2024 Common Reader: Edge of the Wind: Welcome

A guide to resources on the book Edge of the Wind by James E. Cherry

Purpose of Common Reader


The purpose of the common reader at ASU is to improve the first-year experience for incoming freshmen. The Common Reader provides a shared experience of intellectual and community engagement by bringing the campus community together to read and discuss the text and its themes. At ASU, this selection is made by a committee.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase student reading skills.
  • Increase critical thinking skills.
  • Increase student connection to ASU.

Common Reader: Edge of the Wind

                Edge of the Wind by Cherry, James E - Alibris Books, Music & Movies

 Edge of the Wind

Author Bio: James E. Cherry

James E. Cherry resides in Tennessee, where he is president of the poetry club.  Additionally, he is founder/president of The Griot Collective of West Tennessee, where he conducts a monthly poetry workshop. Mr. Cherry's other publications including Shadow of Light, Still a Man, Honoring the Ancestors, and Loose Change.

The Author

                                                                                                                     A Conversation With: James E. Cherry — Our Jackson Home

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