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CHE 421: Biochemistry

In addition to offering general chemistry related resources in the library, this guide is designed to support teaching and research for Biochemistry 421.

Current Research Topics

  • The chemistry of diet sodas and the effect on bone structure
  • Acid rain in your neighborhood and the effects on plants
  • The power of fluoride in community water
  • Plastics packaging and its effects on food stuffs
  • Turning yeast into a biofuel
  • Using sugar for batteries
  • Organic food vs. Pesticides
  • Chemical signals from medications
  • Chemicals that trigger food allergies
  • The differences between skim, 2%, and whole milk
  • Vitamin deficiencies in humans
  • The chemistry of MDMA
  • Biomass to Ethanol
  • Biology of hydrothermal vents
  • How chemistry changes the world
  • The chemistry of aging
  • Pesticides and their effects on run-off soil
  • Capturing and using carbon dioxide
  • Chemistry related to a religion, history, literature, math, electronics, etc…
  • Chemistry-based careers
  • Ossification
  • Chemical makeup of different types of magma and lava rocks
  • Why generic medicines are less expensive (what chemistry is involved)
  • Chemistry behind liquid bandages
  • Chemistry behind dental fillings
  • Chemistry behind different types of makeup
  • Why is radon so dangerous
  • Pheromones in humans
  • Chemistry of baking: baking soda vs. baking powder
  • Replacing eggs in baking
  • The role of Marie Curie in modern chemistry
  • Chemistry in forensics
  • Chemicals used in shipping food long distances
  • What goes into “natural flavors”
  • Chemistry in ink pens (Sharpies vs traditional pens and markers 



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