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Making a Good First Impression: Resumé Writing for College Students: Helpful Software

This guide contains useful information to help you create professional resumés.


Helpful Software

You can design your own resume in Microsoft Word, but if this is your first resumé then I recommend trying a ready-to-use template. The following websites can make it easier than ever to create resumés.

Google Docs

  1. First, log into your Google account, and then click Docs.

  2. Scroll down to see the Google templates.


Canva is a great place to find professional looking and attractive templates, and you can either buy Canva Pro OR you can just use the free version like I do. When you click on the Search bar, you can type resumes or you can select one of the templates that pops up. Canva is very easy to use, and all Canva creations look really nice. 

Resumé Genius

Resumé Genius is a website that claims to make it easy for you to make a professional resumé in 5 minutes. There’s a Build My Resumé Now button that, once clicked, leads you through the process of entering your information, selecting a template, & downloading and printing your new resumé. This website also has helpful information on how to write a cover letter. Cover letters aren’t always required when applying to a job, but many companies use them to evaluate your skills, passion, and experience.

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