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December 2022 / January 2023 - What's Happening @ LWLC: National Hobby Month

Why is January National Hobby Month?

Since January is seen as a month for New Year's resolutions, some resolutions include learning a new hobby or enhancing skills in a current hobby. Therefore, January is National Hobby Month. 

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Some websites relevant to National Hobby Month include:

48 Famous People with Surprising Hobbies (MentalFloss) 

50 Most Popular Hobbies ( - also has links to a list of hobbies, types of hobbies, and 100 celebrity hobbies.

100+ List of Hobbies - Make Quarantine Fun, Cool and Interesting (HobbyHelp) - Lists of ultimate hobbies, cool hobbies, and interesting hobbies.

How to Celebrate National Hobby Month (WikiHow)

List of Hobbies (Wikipedia) 


Books and E-Books concerning Hobbies

Some books and e-books pertaining to hobbies are listed below. They also relate to hobbies some LWLC staff members enjoy.

Hobbies of Some LWLC Staff

Here are favorite hobbies of 5 LWLC staff members: 

Evelyn Bowen, Operations Manager

“My plants bring me so much joy and happiness and give me a sense of accomplishment.  In the summer, I spend time with them every day whether it's watering, trimming, or just admiring them.   It does take time, dedication, responsibility, and research, but it's such a great hobby. I love it!!"

Neil Foulger, Electronic Resources / Serials Services Librarian

"My dining room walls exhibit some items from my post card collection. It's nice to look at places I either visited or have plans to visit at some point."

 Dr. Janice Franklin, LWLC Dean

"I enjoy playing Scrabble to relax and visit with friends. Although I don’t play often, I enjoy the competition and the opportunity to build my vocabulary."

Dr. Natasha Jenkins, Interim Associate Director for Public and Technical Services
"I enjoy arts and crafts like painting, floral arrangements, photography, and home decor.  I've been relatively creative all my life, so I use my free time to create pretty things for others to enjoy."
Jessica Platt, Education Doctoral Librarian

"I love doing yoga, and I practice every chance I get. It makes me stronger, increases my patience, and helps relieve stress."


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