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Conducting Legal Research: Searching

Finding Cases Online

Search by citation:

 248 U.S. 215

Search by parties:

International News Service v. Associated Press

Use one of the folowing databases:

Finding Cases in Print

Search by citation:

248 U.S. 215 (volume number - reporter - page number)

Search by topic:

Cases are published in the order decided by the court - i.e. in chronological order. A reporter will have cases by different judges on a wide variety of topics following each other: criminal law decision followed by a voting rights decision followed by a malpractice decision. To find cases on a certain topic, there is a case finding tool called a case digest.

Search by name:

You can find cases and their citations using print resources by using the Case Name volumes at the end of a West digest set. Some digests have volumes listing cases by Plaintiffs or Defendants or both.


Helpful Books (all located on the third floor of the Levi Watkins Learning Center)

Finding Articles/Law Review/Federal & State Codes/ etc.

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