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December 2013 / January 2014 - What's Happening @ LWLC : National Hobby Month

Why is January National Hobby Month?


Since January is seen as a month for New Year's resolutions, some resolutions include learning a new hobby or enhancing skills in a current hobby. Therefore, January is National Hobby Month. (Text: NF)


Some websites relevant to National Hobby Month include:

50 Most Popular Hobbies ( - also has links to a list of hobbies, types of hobbies, and 100 celebrity hobbies.

How to Celebrate National Hobby Month (WikiHow)

List of Hobbies (Wikipedia)

National Hobby Month, a great time to expand your horizons (


Resources concerning Hobbies

CamelliaNet contains e-books related to many specific hobbies, so it is best to search by individual hobby. Some books and e-books about hobbies in general are listed below: (selections: NF):

Hobbies of Some LWLC Staff

Here are some LWLC staff's favorite hobbies: 

Fagdeba Bakoyema, Information Literacy and Learning Assistance Coordinator 

 "Football, aka "soccer" has always been my favorite hobby.  Even after 29-and-counting, I still enjoy it in the backyard  with my son and my daughter.  It keeps me in shape."


Taylor Barth, Access Services Humanities Librarian

"My great-grandma taught me to crochet when I was a little girl. Many years later I still enjoy crocheting and making small projects like hats, scarves and baby afghans." 


Neil Foulger, Electronic Resources / Serials Services Librarian

"I've been collecting post cards since childhood. My favorite post cards are maps (most U.S. states have postcards like this) and collections of scenes or sights (landmarks of a city or country), both of which form an atlas on my dining room walls."


Linda Harvey, Special Collections Librarian

"As a kid I use to sew a lot and as an ongoing favorite hobby, I like to go into fabric shops and see what are the new types of fabric to clothes and home.  I no longer have the time to make the types of items that I use to make for home, church bazaars and clothes, but I do look and admire new looking bolts of fabric on display."


Kelly Wilson, Collection Development Librarian

"I am a gamer. Mostly, I play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games and horror survival games on the computer along with a few console games."



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