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May 2014 - What's Happening @ LWLC : Mental Health Month

Mental Health Month

May has been the designated Mental Health Awareness month since 1949. Every year, the "theme" for the month changes. For 2014, the theme is "Mind Your Health" and the primary goals are to build public recognition about how important mental health is to the overall health and wellness of the human body.
Some topics that will be specifically focused on include relaxation techniques, the importance of a healthy diet to mental health, exercise, alcohol abuse, and how to find help and support if you or your loved one may be showing signs of a mental illness. 
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Useful Links related to Mental Health

Some important dates include:
May 4-10 - National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week
May 18-24 - Schizophrenia Awareness Week
The following Fact Sheets from 2013 are downloadable (but they all come as a set): 
  • What is Wellness?
  • Four Simple Steps
  • Understanding the Social Determinants of Health
  • Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Websites with more information:

Children's Mental Health Awareness (National Institute of Mental Health) - This page proves fact sheets on different forms of adolescent mental health issues.

Mental Health Awareness (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services) - Information on mental health awareness.

Mind Your Health Calendar (Mental Health Association) - Tips for each day in May 2014.

National Alliance on Mental Illness - This site contains overviews of several forms of mental illnesses, treatment options, and avenues of support. For Mental Heath Awareness Month, there is an article concerning faith education and collaboration regarding awareness of mental health resources.

Presidential Proclamation - While this proclamation is from 2013, the information contained within is relevant for 2014.

Additional links can be found on the Stress Awareness Month page from the April 2014 What's Happening @ LWLC

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Books & E-books

Some books and e-books in our collection related to stress include (selections: KW) :

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