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November 2014 - What's Happening @ LWLC : Drum Month

International Drum Month


International Drum Month has been celebrated since 1996 according to Drums (and other percussion instruments) are said to be among the oldest instruments in human history. In 2014, decided to switch International Drum Month to May 2014, so this page is either late or early.

 Here are some links that lead to some interesting facts and trivia regarding drums:

Drum Quiz (Drum Nuts) - Actually a series of quizzes to test your knowledge about parts of a drum set, different types of drums, famous drummers, and other drum-related subjects.

Drums Quizzes and Drums Trivia (FunTrivia)

Drum Resources (Open Directory)

History of Drums (

History of Drums and Drumming (

International Drum Month (

Let There Be Drums (Youtube) - Pop song whose title is appropriate for this month! 


ASU Drumline

ASU Marching Band has a proud tradition with its Drum Line. Here are two videos of performances: the first is summer 2013's Band Camp practice, the second is from half-time during a 2012 Lady Hornets' basketball game. (selections: NF)

Books & eBooks

While you can hear drum selections in our Music-related databases (Contemporary World Music is a good one),

these are a few of the books and e-books related to drums accessible to LWLC patrons (text & selections: NF):

ASU Drumline II

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