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December 2014 / January 2015 - What's Happening @ LWLC : National Hobby Month

Why is January National Hobby Month?

Since January is seen as a month for New Year's resolutions, some resolutions include learning a new hobby or enhancing skills in a current hobby. Therefore, January is National Hobby Month. (Text: NF)


Some websites relevant to National Hobby Month include:

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50 Most Popular Hobbies ( - also has links to a list of hobbies, types of hobbies, and 100 celebrity hobbies.

How to Celebrate National Hobby Month (WikiHow)

List of Hobbies and Interests (Buzzle) - organized into 10 categories

List of Hobbies (Wikipedia) 

National Hobby Month, a great time to expand your horizons (

Text: NF


Resources concerning Hobbies

CamelliaNet contains e-books related to many specific hobbies, so it is best to search by individual hobby. Some books and e-books pertaining to hobbies are listed below: (selections: CHB, NF):

Hobbies of Some LWLC Staff

Here are some LWLC staff's favorite hobbies: 

Clarissa Broughton, Serials Assistant 

"In my spare time I like to read books, write short stories and bowl. My favorite hobbies are collecting old coins and stamps."


Neil Foulger, Electronic Resources / Serials Services Librarian

"I've been collecting post cards since childhood. My favorites are maps (many U.S. states) and collections of scenes or sights (landmarks of a city or country), both of which form an atlas on my dining room walls."

"I tried out the paper's sudoku puzzle, and when I completed it easily, I got hooked!  Sudoku calendars and doing the Sunday 5-way puzzle (see image below) then made it a major passtime for a few years. Nowadays, I'm happy to just do the Sunday 5-way."

Image result for sudoku images

Natasha Jenkins, Information Literacy Librarian

"Fashion has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and definitely the reason my personal style changes more than the weather. I enjoy fashion from head to toe...meaning hair, clothes, shoes, and everything in between. In order to get my fashion fix in the fashion capital that is Montgomery, I watch any television show designed around fashion."


Jessica Platt, Education Doctoral Librarian

"I love reading horror novels and watching horror movies. Even as a young child, I would search the local library for ghost stories and books about haunted houses, alien abductions and other creepy things."

Kelly Wilson, Collection Development Librarian

"I love putting together puzzles with a focus on 1,000-piece puzzles and larger. My grandmother and I used to put puzzles together when I was a kid and now I use it as a form of relaxation. The image is the next puzzle I plan to do." 



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