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BIO 500: Grad Seminar in Biology

Information on this guide supports the graduate level seminar course in biology at Alabama State University.

Current Biology Seminar-related Topics

  • Coronavirus Symptoms, Transmission, & Treatments 
  • Human Genome Project
  • Molecular motors: Myosin & kinesin
  • Chemical Probes of Reversible Protein Phosphorylation
  • Detection and Purification System Based on 4-Hydroxyazobenzene-2
  • Non-enzymatic deamidation of proteins
  • Alternative Medicine
  • DNA Fingure printing
  • Biosynthesis of Vitamin B12
  • Self-assembly of nanoparticle arrays
  • New Materials from Biological Sources
  • DNA-based nanomechanical devices
  • The Chemistry of Aging
  • Commercial Cultivation of BT cotton- Development
  • Concurrent tandem catalysis
  • Climate and Sea Level Rise
  • Crop Genetic Engineering for Disease Resistance
  • Cytochrome c Oxidase: Energy Production in Heart Tissue
  • Inverse Chromatography to Investigate Structure-Property Relationships
  • Biometrics : Creating a safer Workplace
  • Alien Invasion
  • Reverse polarization detection in NMR
  • Synthesis of Novel Small Molecule Regulators of Cholesterol Transport
  • Nanotechnology - for drugs delivery, design and discovery
  • World of Forensic Science
  • Anthrax and Bioterrorism
  • Using DNA to Build Structures, Motors, and Computers
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Infection Control - How to minimize the risk of infection during flu season


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