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October 2015 What's Happening @ LWLC: Computer Learning Month

October is Computer Learning Month

According to the Computer Learning Foundation, "Computer Learning Month is a time to try new ways of using technology, to learn new technology products, and to share knowledge with others in your local community about how to use technology." Take time this month to learn something new and complete those computer-related tasks you have been putting off.


Here are some websites that give an idea about the rationale and extenet of computer learning in today's world:

Computer and Internet Use in the United States (U.S. Bureau of the Census) - report is from Nov. 2014, but data covers through 2013.

Computer Usage in the U.S. (Infoplease) - dated Dec .2008

Internet World Stats (Miniwatts Marketing Group) - updated with data to 2015. Compares the numbers of users from 2000 with 2015.

Main Reasons You Use Computers (eHow)

Who's Not Online and Why? (Pew Internet & American Life) 

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Online Computer Classes

Best part is that they are free!

Basic Online Skills (CT Distance Learning Consortium)

Free Online Computer Classes  (

GCF - Wide range of free technology tutorials.

Home & Learn - UK site that offers free computer and technology courses aimed at complete beginners.

Top 10 Free PC Programs Everyone Should Have (ComputerHope) - Actually 10 categories and recoomened free products in each area.

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Resources for Computer Learning

One free resource that the Levi Wakins Learning Center accesses is PC Webopedia,  a glossary of terms and a quick reference for learning hardware and software terminology.

In addition to the above web-dictionary, here are a few computer-related books and e-books for your reference (text & selections: NF):

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