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BIO 127 & 128: General Biology

The resources in this course guide are carefully selected to support students enrolled in Biology 127 and 128.

What is in the guide

Welcome to Biology 127&128 libguide, this guide contains information on the following.

  • How to access databases
  • COVID-19 Resources
  • Writing Scientific Papers
  • Laboratory Methods
  • Style Guide


Biology 127 /128 Honors Lab & Lecture Syllabi

Biology-Related Research Topics

Coronavirus Symptoms, Transmission, & Treatments 

Alcohol/Drug Abuse

Amino Acids/Proteins 

Anabolic Steroids  

Biological Weapons 

Bisphenol  A (BPA)

Various Types of Cancers


Climate Change

Cosmetic Surgeries 

Depression and Genes

Designer Babies 



DNA Modifications

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Energy Conservation 


Genes & Cloning 

Genetically Modified Foods

Heart Disease



Emerging Infectious Diseases 


Lung Disease and Vaping

Medical Marijuana 

Monkey Pox


Palliative Care


Stem Cell Research 

Biology Research Project ideas from The University of Western Australia 

Additional topics:


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