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Information Literacy @ ASU: Faculty & Librarian Collaboration

Working Together

Faculty and librarians have many mutual goals, including:

  • helping students develop a greater understanding of and respect for information, intellectual property, and electronic resources
  • enhancing student literacy, critical thinking skills, and self-direction
  • building a social and learning community on campus

Librarians are committed to their instruction responsibilities. We teach the ASU community how to access and use resources.

Link to Library Resources

Faculty members are encouraged to place links to library resources and relevant Course Guides on their handouts, course packets, and BlackBoard sites.  These links can be to specific databases, or to individual articles, periodicals and e-books.

Recommend books (electronic and print) and other resources for purchase

Discuss with your librarian the availability of new resources in your subject area. Licensed resources and electronic research tools are available through your Course Guides. These resources are not those freely retrieved by searching the web. Students need to be able to differentiate between those retrieved through the Library's licensed resources and the open web. Faculty also have the ability to make recommendations for items by contacting their subject librarian.

Stay informed of new sources and changes to existing sources

The resources in your library's collection are continually evolving.  Aspects that change most frequently are resource coverage, appearance, and methods of accessing information. Your librarian can guide you to the most current and relevant sources required for your course and inform you of any product updates and changes.

 Discuss your course information literacy needs with your liaison librarian

Your librarian is available to review your assignments and other activities where a simple change could incorporate one or more of the Information Literacy Standards.

Create assignments which can be assessed for information literacy outcomes

Your assignments determine whether students will be motivated to explore the resources available through the library. Collaborate with your librarian on the design and aspects of some of these assignments.

Contact your Subject Librarian or Liaison:

Fagdeba Bakoyema

College of Business Administration

Natasha Jenkins

Social Work

Monica Hodge

College of Health Sciences (CoHS); University College (First Year Experience)

Jessica Platt

College of Education; Psychology

Neil Foulger

Music; History & Political Science

Kashonda Murphy 

Visual Arts; Communications

Teisha Robertson

College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (CSTEM); University College

Hassna Ramadan

Languages & Literatures; Criminal Justice & Social Sciences; Theatre Arts

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