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RCOU 617: Research Methods: Welcome

The Assignment

1.  Provide and present a critique from a research article in a research counseling journal.

2.  Find research to support a proposal leading to the submission of a poster session proposal for National Council on Rehabilitation Education (NCRE)  Spring Conference.  The purpose of the NCRE conference, "Imagine the Possibilities: Reinventing Rehabilitation Counseling in the 21st Century," is to promote the improvement of rehabilitation services available to people with disabilities through quality education and research (NCRE site, 2017).

APA Formatting

Search Terms

1.  Synonyms for the research topic.


2.  NCRE Annual Conference Tracks, April 2018

  • Addressing health inequities, violence, and access to care among women and sexual minority women (LGBT) with disabilities
  • Co-morbid disorders: Assessment, Interventions, and access to treatment
  • Disability and employment: A public health issue
  • Enhancing health and wellness among consumers, counselors, educators, and students
  • Enhancing multicultural competencies among rehabilitation counselors
  • New directions in research
  • Public policies and legislation impacting individuals with disabilities
  • Rehabilitation counseling trends across the globe
  • Rehabilitation education:: Current practices and future directions
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