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SWK 450: Applied Research: Welcome

This subject guide will assist you in finding books, journal articles, and websites, as well as assist you in developing your research skills using the recommended resources.

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Assignment Details

A list of citations to books, articles, and other helpful documents that consists of a brief (usually about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, or annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.

Each annotation should include the following (click here for more details):

  • Complete APA citation
  • Summary
  • Key Findings
  • Kew quote(s)
  • Relation to other articles:
  • Relevance to my research
  • Notes

Each student will complete a research paper of 4-6 pages in length, not including the title or reference pages. The research will examine an issue or social problem confronting contemporary society and use of the steps of scientific method to study the issue and/or problem. Students will make oral presentations of their findings in class. Students are expected to complete a series of short assignments of explications of the steps of the research process.

The purpose of this assignment is to challenge you to integrate and apply a majority of the information that you will learn through this class over the course of the semester. While you will not actually implement the proposed research, it is advised that you tailor your proposal to fit with a research problem you are familiar with or interested in, such as your field placement.

Your proposal must have an evaluation component (i.e., explain how you are going to measure the results or the outcome). If you replicate a project from your literature review, you must provide a valid argument regarding why a replication study is relevant. Use of APA style is required. Include an abstract and check both your in text citations and reference page to insure compliance with the style manual. Have someone proofread your proposal prior to submitting it for a grade. Clearly identify all components. Use topic headings to identify parts.

Papers should be written in formal tense (no first person).

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