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October 2021 - What's Happening @ LWLC: Get Organized Week

Research / Study Skills

The first week of October is Get Organized Week. Sounds appropriate especially since Midterm Week this semester is from October 4-8, 2021.

This side focuses on organizing during your time here at Alabama State University. How does one complete those papers, group projects, midterms, study sessions, and finals while also juggling work, family, fraternity/sorority, campus organization, and other commitments? In addition, what about those activities that allow you to enjoy the college environment (sports events, club activities) and local area (road trips, restaurants off campus)?  

This poster provides good strategies in organizing these above activities:



Of course, we also include visiting and asking assistance from the library staff. They will not do your work for you, but they will assist in having assignments make sense to you and making them your own. 

Here are a few websites that provide some practical some practical and useful study strategies:

7 Tips to Create the Perfect Study Environment for You (Rasmussen University) - Results of studies related to studying.

9 Awesome Study Tips for College Students (Huffington Post)

10 Habits of Successful Students (Opportunity International) 

12 Unusual Study Hacks for College Students (Purdue University Global)

College Study Tips (

How to Develop Good Study Habits for College (Wikihow) - Steps for studying, how to study during exam week, tips, and warnings.  - Links, videos, notes about strategies and methods about topics related to studying . There are also notes for studying particular subjects.

Study Skills (

Study Tips & Study Skills (

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Career Resources

In addition to being organized during your studies now, it is good to be organized in looking at your career ahead.

One relevant journal is Career development quarterly, which is available in microfiche and online in the these databases.

The Levi Watkins Learning Center has some print and electronic books related to career assistance. These are a few examples (text & selections: NF):

Career-related E-resources

Some useful career-related e-resources include (Text - NF) :

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