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LPL 811.01: Readings & Research II: Overview

This guide will give students in LPL 811.01 information on various journals in their field.


Students often lack information about the status of journals in their fields and thus cannot make the most informed decisions about where to seek to disseminate their work. This lack of knowledge can cause frustration and delays in moving a manuscript from submission to publication. If individuals are not targeting journals appropriately it can influence individual career advancement and success. In addition, it can affect the status and prestige of institutions, which can in turn influence application for admissions, success in securing external funding, etc.

Bray, N.J. & Major, C.H. (2011). Status of journals in the field of higher education. Journal of Higher Education, 82(4), 480-504.

Keep Calm

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Special thanks to:

Lydia LaFaro and Linda Shackle at Arizona State University for their informative and inspirational LibGuide, Citation Research

Stephen Bales at Texas A & M University for his resourceful LibGuide, How To Get Published

Natasha Jenkins, Xiying Mi, Rachael Altman and Cedric Hicks @ The Levi Watkins Learning Center

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