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November 2013 - What's Happening @ LWLC : Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis - Basics

On October 9, 2013, the Montgomery Advertiser reported that there was a case of pulmonary tuberculosis at Alabama State University.

What exactly is tuberculosis?

A good place to start is the Tuberculosis Health Topic Page (Medline Plus).

Here are some additional websites that provide more information about tuberculosis:

Blood Titers: The Ultimate Guide (Accesa Labs) - An in-depth guide on blood titer requirements for students, employees, and in-person visitors. (Added July 2022)

TB Risk Assessment Tool (Accesa Labs) - A tool for asymptomatic individuals to determine whether testing for TB infection is recommended. (Added July 2022)

Tuberculosis (American Lung Association) - Basics, understanding, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, living with, and other resources.

Tuberculosis (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) - Basic facts, testing and diagnosis, treatment, specific populations, and global prevalence are some of the topics covered.

Tuberculosis (Mayo Clinic) - Definition, symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications, tests and diagnosis, treatmentand drugs, prevention, and coping and support.

Tuberculosis (World Health Organization) - Global fact sheet.

What is Tuberculosis? (WebMD) - Basics.

What is Tuberculosis? What causes Tuberculosis? (Medical News Today) - information is as of November 2021 (original date: May 2013).

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Tuberculosis Information Centers in Montgomery

Here is a list of tuberculosis resource centers in the Montgomery area

Tuberculosis Testing Locations - Montgomery,Alabama   (Personalabs)

Division - Tuberculosis Control  -Contact and Mapquest information

Tuberculosis  (Alabama Department of Public Health)

TB Skin Test in Montgomery - (Yellow Pages)

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Resources for Computer Learning

In addition to the above web-dictionary, here are a few computer-related books and e-books for your reference (selections: NF):

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