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REH 201: Introduction to Rehabilitation Services: Welcome

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Wearing face masks and practicing social distancing are now optional in the Library. Although, both health practices are highly recommended while studying or working in groups. 

Also, use of the Self Check-Out is still encouraged as well as use of the Book Drop for returning books.

Current Events/ Assignment Details

Disability Awareness Research Presentation

APA formatted paper, 4-5 pages typed with 5 peer reviewed references

  • Definition of the disability
  • The etiology (cause or set of causes) of the disability
  • Symptoms and complications caused by the disability
  • The typical duration of the disability (if applicable)
  • The typical age of onset of the disability (if applicable)
  • The potential severity of the disability (if applicable)
  • Adjustment of the disability
  • Three challenges, barriers, and obstacles that a person with this disability may face

Syllabus - REH 201 Introduction to Rehabilitation Services

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