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REH 201: Introduction to Rehabilitation Services: Welcome

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ASU ID and face mask are needed to enter the Library. Social distancing required. Use of stairs encouraged.

Use of the Self Check-Out is encouraged as well as use of the Book Drop for returning books.

Current Events/ Assignment Details

Disability Awareness Research Presentation

APA formatted paper, 4-5 pages typed with 5 peer reviewed references

  • Definition of the disability
  • The etiology (cause or set of causes) of the disability
  • Symptoms and complications caused by the disability
  • The typical duration of the disability (if applicable)
  • The typical age of onset of the disability (if applicable)
  • The potential severity of the disability (if applicable)
  • Adjustment of the disability
  • Three challenges, barriers, and obstacles that a person with this disability may face

Syllabus - REH 201 Introduction to Rehabilitation Services

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