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December 2019 / January 2020 - What's Happening @ LWLC: National Hobby Month

Why is January National Hobby Month?

Since January is seen as a month for New Year's resolutions, some resolutions include learning a new hobby or enhancing skills in a current hobby. Therefore, January is National Hobby Month. (Text: NF)

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Some websites relevant to National Hobby Month include:

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Text: NF

Resources concerning Hobbies

Some books and e-books pertaining to hobbies are listed below: (selections: NF):

Hobbies of Some LWLC Staff

Here are favorite hobbies of 4 LWLC staff members: 

Neil Foulger, Electronic Resources / Serials Services Librarian

"Learning languages helps to understand other ways to express ideas and what others are saying. It also brings smiles when a language speaker sees you try to communicate with them on their terms. I can speak 4 languages proficiently, understand a few others, and studying a few more".

Monica Hodge, Science Reference Librarian 
"One of my favorite hobbies that I like to do in my spare time is exercise at the gym when I'm not busy. Out of all the various types of exercises, doing cardio. is my favorite."
Natasha Jenkins, Information Literacy Librarian
"I enjoy arts and crafts like painting, floral arrangements, photography, and home decor.  I've been relatively creative all my life, so I use my free time to create pretty things for others to enjoy."
Yannick Kouaho, Digitization Technician

"Video games. Reigning Fifa 19 champion of the 'Cocody Fifa Club' (28 members)."


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