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Please add your information literacy sessions to our Google Calendar to provide awareness for co-workers and to assist with statistics for our Department.

Use this format:

Platt/Smith LPL 775

This will inform users of the calendar of three important details:

  • the librarian who is teaching the session,
  • the instructor of the class, and
  • the location of the IL session.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Information Literacy Policies

  1. When you add a session to the IL calendar, please be sure to include a location. We need this information for our statistics (ie. online, IL Classroom, Rm 570, Abernathy 375). Also, be sure a Request is submitted for each individual session. Each form allows up to three entries for the same course. 
  2. Request a 2-week notice from teaching faculty for IL sessions to give yourself time to prepare a high-quality session.
  3. Inform teaching faculty that we tailor our sessions to address their immediate concerns and the concerns of their students, so IL sessions are much more effective when scheduled for a research assignment.
  4. Full class times are recommended (but not required) for IL sessions to allow students to fully engage with new concepts and new methods. Multiple sessions for classes are also an option.
  5. IL sessions may be taught in the Information Literacy Classroom (room #570) or in the classroom/computer lab of the course instructor.
  6. Update your availability on LibCal regularly so that faculty and students can easily schedule meetings with you, if needed.

LibGuides: Best Practices

Please consult the LibGuides: Best Practices 2023-2024 LibGuide for information on:


Use a pre-test and post-test to measure student learning in your information literacy sessions. Make sure to include the same items/questions on both tests to get an accurate understanding of student learning in your classes.

If you need tips on how to create pre-tests and post-tests, please let me know:

A SOLE Session on assessment strategies will be offered soon, so be on the lookout for that!

IL Session Plan

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