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Department of Research, Instruction, & Engagement: Policies / Announcements


Policies & Announcements

Please follow all policies of the Levi Watkins Learning Center.

Note: This is a brief list of general LWLC policies, and additional content may be added periodically. Policies related specifically to research, instruction, or engagement may be found under the relevant tab for that type of content.

Please note the following important updates:
Annual Performance Review (APR)
Your Progress Review II is due February 28, 2024. If you are a tenured employee, then you are only responsible for submitting an APR in April 2024.


Professional Development

It is important for each of us to develop as professionals and to further our knowledge to better support faculty and students. With that in mind, some of you have reportedly attended some webinars recently that are unrelated to the work we do. Please only attend webinars that are relevant to your job and your role at the Levi Watkins Learning Center. 


You should still be using the Research Consultation Form in LibAnswers/RefAnalytics to record transactions with faculty. This should include introductions of databases or other resources, meetings via phone or email, departmental meetings attended, etc. A description of the transaction should be placed in the "Answer" box. If you encounter any questions or concerns, please let me know.

  • Reach out to the department(s) you serve early each semester to inform them of new and/or useful library information and to remind them that we are here to help them. Please be sure to tell them about the Forms link on our homepage because this contains several forms that they may need throughout the semester.
  • Also, let them know about our new chatbot: Hornet the Chatbot.
  • You must seek and receive approval from your supervisor before displaying posters or exhibits in the LWLC. If you have any questions about these things, just let me know.
You are encouraged to present your research at the RCA Symposium at Alabama State University. This is a free event and a good opportunity to develop your presentation skills--and to get feedback before presenting your research at other events. Submit your abstract to by January 12.
Submit your monthly reports by the 4th of each month. Please include data in your reports that provide evidence of the work you're doing. For example, include pre-test and post-test scores to show that students are learning the concepts and search strategies that you're teaching them.
Collection Development
Inform your department(s) that materials may be requested by using the Materials Request Form. Faculty may want to select and request items before the Spring semester begins. Please select items to be ordered from GOBI and refer to the budget provided to you by Ms. Eaton. If you have any questions, please let me know.
Days Off Work
As always, if you need to miss work for any reason, please inform me and Ms. Bowen, and also insert the time in TimeClock Plus.

General Policies

  1. Beginning October 2023, use this template for your monthly reports. Make a copy of this template to keep in your own Google Drive, and submit monthly reports on the last day of each month. If you have any questions, please let me know. (It's slightly different from the one Dr. Jenkins sent to you. Since our department's name is long, I placed it on the 2nd line. Since our department's name is already on the form, I deleted the department title area from the line that begins with Unit.)
  2. When you add a session to the IL calendar, please be sure to include a location. We need this information for our statistics (ie. online, IL Classroom, Rm 570, Abernathy 375). Also, be sure a Request is submitted for each individual session. Each form allows up to three entries for the same course. 
  3. All requests for leave should be approved via email prior to adding the request to Time Clock Plus
  4. If you are scheduled to work until 5 p.m. on Fridays, please do not leave your office and conduct a final clearing of the floor until that time. The front desk person should stay until everyone else leaves. 
  5. Everyone is expected to attend mandatory ASU events (Commencement, etc.). If you are scheduled for the desk during an event, please return to the library immediately after the event. Contact me if you have any questions about this.
  6. Update the Google Calendar to notify me and other employees of any time taken off work, classes scheduled, attendance at meetings/events, etc. Remember: AL=Annual Leave, SL=Sick Leave, and OL=Official Leave.
  7. Use the RefAnalytics Form to record transactions with both students and faculty. This is important for the LWLC's statistics and your APR.
  8. You are responsible for items, supplies, resources, etc. in your areas. When you need something, please discuss these things with your supervisor so the issues can be resolved in a timely manner. All requisitions should be shared with and approved by your supervisor.

Tenure & Promotion

All faculty must go through the tenure and promotion process to remain employees at ASU. Please refer to this faculty evaluation document for instructions. The SOLE Session I presented in 2021 on this topic can be seen here. If you have any questions after consulting these sources, please let me know.

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