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September 2014 - What's Happening @ LWLC : Classical Music Month

Classical Music Month

September is 

In 1994, President Bill Clinton designated September as Classical Music Month. What better way to celebrate with a Toast to National Classical Music Month featuring 8 musical pieces that are relatively well-known.

 List of classical and art music traditions -  introduction to Western, Malian, Ottoman Turkish, Persian, Azerbaijani, Afghan, Indian, East Asian, and Southeast Asian classical music traditions. is a site dedicated to classical music as known in Western historical and cultural tradition. The following links are starting points:

History of Classical Music - This site also has lists of recommended pieces pertaining to different time periods.

Listener's Job Description - "Your job is very simple: Be affected by the music".

Music Categories - What is the different betwen a concerto and a sonata? This page will explain these and other types of music.

Musical Instruments - What are percussion versus woodwind versus string instruments? This page helps explain and give example of the six categories of instruments in Western classical music.

Other classical music traditions have their individual instruments.

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Classical Music In Montgomery

National Piano Month

September is also National Piano Month

10 Essential Keyboard Tracks to Celebrate National Piano Month - PASTE

10 Piano Quotes - Elliott Music Studio

Your Comprehensive Guide to Everything about Pianos -

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These are few of the books related to classical music accessible to LWLC patrons:

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Classical Music Sampler - "Hooked on Classics"

Despite the underlying disco beat, "Hooked on Classics" provides a sample of diferent composers' musical works. Text & selection: NF

Databases Related to Classical Music

CamelliaNet: Downloading of the OverDrive Media Console is needed before access to the music selections. It is a one-time download for each electronic device (computer, smartphone). 

Camellia Net

Classical Music Library: The site has a new look which our link automatically goes. Contains information and musical recordings regarding classical music.


Petrucci Music Library: Virtual library of public domain music, especially classical music.

 These are the three most relevant to classical music. Check the Music subject page for additional resources.Camellia Net

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These are a few of the e-books related to classical music accessible to LWLC patrons:

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