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HIM 310 The Study of Diseases: Welcome

This guide was created to help students researching and studying human diseases along with pathology.

Example of Group Project:  Rare Disease/Disorder Case Study

Each group is to identify and review resources on the topic by visiting the LWLC or another library to review refereed journals or books and search the internet.

Outline for the Project: (1) HIstory of the disease/disorder, (2) Explain the etiology/manifestations of the disease and describe the part of the body the disease effects, (3) Describe the incidents and if any, various types of the disease/disorder, (4) Look for information regarding signs/symptoms of the disease and explain them, (5) Explain the disease process, (6) What is occurring compared to normal body physiology, (7) Identify diagnostic tests that the physician would order based on the patient's signs/symptoms, (8) Write a paragraph describing the tests that clearly defines what they are for and detailed results, (9) Is the prognosis of the disease good or bad? and (10) Provide additional information such as websites, support groups, etc.

Your project will be presented in Power Point format.

Title page should include the topic name and group researchers.  Please provide copy for instructor.

Syllabus:  HIM 310- The Study of Diseases                                             Professor:  L. George-Reynolds

Research Databases


Organizations and Websites

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention),

         Data sets,

 Healthy People 2030,, from the Office of Disease Prevention

         and Health Promotion (ODPDP), a part of the

National Cancer Registry,

         AHRQ, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality,

American Psychological Association,

 John Hopkins Medicine (Pathology),

Mayo Clinic (Find Infectious Diseases),

National Institute of Health (Pathologic basis of Diseases),

National Foundation for Infectious Diseases


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