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MUP 390/490/495 Recital - Writing Program Notes: Finding Articles

How to Find Articles

In order to find articles:

1.  Go to the LWLC homepage and select "Databases by Subject" in the blue box on the lower left hand portion of the page.

2.  Select the subject you're wanting to research such as "Literature/Humanities" (for Music) or "Music".

3.  A new page will open with a list of databases relevant to that topic. 

Scholarly Articles

Information for Program Notes

How to Access Databases from Off-Campus

Click on image for full document:

Information About Composers

  • If there are two or more works on a program by the same composer, refer to the composer after the first instance by last name only.
  • When possible, provide the birth and death dates of the composer.  If the composer is still living, type “b.” followed by the year of birth: Paul Sullivan (b. 1955)                        
  • Consult standard reference sources listed in the Research section of this guide for proper name spelling and dates. Although it may seem counterintuitive, the printed music is not always the most accurate source for this information and may vary with different publishers and editions.
  • Be sure to use proper accents and other diacritical marks for names in foreign languages. Use the Insert--Symbol function in the MS Word template to add these diacritics.
  • If there is an arranger, place the arranger’s name after the composer on the next line, separated by a semicolon.

     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791);

                        arr. John Doe   

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