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MUP 390/490/495 Recital - Writing Program Notes: Welcome

Types of Program Nootes

  • Information about the concert and its performers (date, place, names, instruments or voice types
  • Information on the works being performed - title (including opus or work numbers, keys, etc), movement names

Basic information + combinations of items below

  • Context of the work historically and in music history
  • Context of the work in relation to the composer's life and work
  • Description of the work
  • Descriptions of particular terms - such as "scherzo" or "langsam"
  • What will the work sound like or what should the listener listen for
  • Translations of the work

Related Guides


  • Description of composer
  • What is the feeling behind the music that the audience should experience?
  • What was the composer's mood while working?
  • Description of the musical piece
  • Evolution of style during particular period
  • Elements of music in 17th century
  • Elements of music in 18th century
  • How do elements from a previous century's music relate to today's listeners?
  • Characteristics from particular time period
  • Characteristics of music of specific composer
  • Historical context of musical style
  • Things to listen for in certain composers
  • Description of performer
  • What are performer's thoughts about this particular composer's music?



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