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LPL 775: Statistics and Research: Education Databases

This guide will assist students in LPL 775 with their research needs.

Education Databases

Don't forget to check out our Open Educational Resources LibGuide!

Although all of these databases contain articles on Education, you may find some more useful than others.

  • For LPL 775 students and those working on dissertations, I recommend Nexis Uni, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, and others that may be found on the LWLC's website.

  • For students interested in publishing research, I recommend Cabells. ASU students have access to 2 different databases by Cabells:
    • Journalytics: a searchable, curated database of critical information about verified and reputable academic journals
    • Predatory Reports: a database of deceptive and predatory journals, and a database of "verified, reputable journals", with details about those journals' acceptance rates and invited article percentages

Education Databases

Accessing Databases

Accessing Databases from Home

In order to access the databases from home you must first be in our system.

To check this:

  • Go to the Library's web site
  • Click on Library Catalog
  • Click on the link that says "patron"
  • If you can access your patron information, you are in the system. If not,
    you will need to come to the library and fill out a patron update form

To access the databases:

  • Go to the Library's web site
  • Click on Databases
  • Select a database from the subject areas or from the alphabetical listing
  • The login screen will ask that you:
    1. Enter your Campus ID without hyphens
    1. Enter your LAST NAME in lower case
  • Once in the database enter your search terms in the search boxes provided

If you are in our system and unable to login to the databases please send an email to or for support.

If you need help using the databases please contact the Reference Desk (334) 229-4110.

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