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Resources for Students: Computers/Printing

Computer Labs

We have several computer labs that are available to ASU students, faculty, and staff. You can print on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th floors.

  • First Floor - We have 2 areas on the first floor that contain PCs. There is also a Mac Lab on this floor (you cannot print from the Mac computers).
  • Third Floor- We have 1 area on the third floor that contains PCs. 
  • Fifth Floor - We have 3 computer labs on the Fifth Floor, one contains PCs and the other two contain Mac computers (you cannot print from the Mac computers).


All users must:

  • Sign in at the desk in the computer labs on the 5th floor
  • Possess their own storage media (such as USB flash drives).

Users may not:

  • ​Change the configuration of any of the computers

Computer Labs

1st floor Computer Lab

This is the only place available in the library for printing.

1st floor Mac Lab

5th floor Computer Lab

5th floor Mac Lab

5th floor Digitization Lab


  • Printing costs $.10 a page.
  • To print, users need to buy a print card.
  • Print cards can be purchased for $1.00 on the first floor. Users must have a $1.00 bill to initially purchase the card (The machine does NOT take credit/debit cards, only $1 bills).
  • Once the card is purchased users may add cash to it at any time.


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