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Resources for Students: Study Spaces

Study Spaces

The library has a variety of study areas - individual carrels, group study rooms, and plenty of open seating for studying. 

Individual Study Rooms (3rd-5th Floors)

Need a quiet place to think?  Students can use these rooms to conduct research, write or prepare for classes.  Individual Study Rooms are left unlocked and available on a first come first served basis, with no reservations necessary. 


Open Seating

There is open seating available on all floors that are great for facilitating small group discussions, as well as individual studying.

Individual Study Room

Room is available on a first come basis, for use by one person at a time.

Group Study Room

Rooms are available for 2 or more students at a time.

Group Conference Room

Room requires the presence of a faculty advisor.

Unconventional Spaces

Other spaces

These spaces are available to student organizations. They include: Civil Rights Courtyard, Lecture Hall, Art Gallery, Seminar Room, and the Library Steps.

​​To reserve a room or space, contact Kevin Willis:

Study Tips


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