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MUS 321: History of Music: Welcome

Assignment Details

Research Paper

Write a five page minimum paper on an instructor approved music history related topic.

Program Notes

Your goal is to increase your audience's understanding and enjoyment of the music you are performing. Program notes should be as well researched as any other piece of writing you produce. You should consult standard music reference works in order to write an interesting and clear summary of your piece. Include note-worthy items, such as a dedication or an excerpt of a review that was published soon after the piece’s premiere to show how the work was received at that time.

Related Guides


  • Evolution of style in Baroque Period
  • Evolution of style in early Classical Period
  • Elements of music in 17th century
  • Elements of music in 18th century
  • Characteristics of music of Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Characteristics of vocal music in 19th century
  • Historical context of musical style
  • Things to listen for in certain composers



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